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I thought this was an original idea for a post but, just to be sure, I Googled the title. Turns out there are several posts with the same name. That almost caused me to click “delete” but then I thought, “Well, if I don’t read any of those posts and write my own take on the subject, that might still be useful.” So here you are, based on my own experiences as a frequent diner at restaurants (the above photo is from a recent meal at Cafe Boulud in West Palm Beach) and as someone who cooked in almost 50 restaurant kitchens while researching my cookbook, 10 Signs You’re in a Good Restaurant.
The bathroom is clean. I’m putting this first because to me, it’s such a useful way to judge a restaurant’s attention to detail. Also how clean they’re cooking in the kitchen. Sure, there are divey restaurants with wonderful food that are still worth going to that have filthy bathrooms…but that’s a different thing altogether. I’m talking about special occasion restaurants in this post and if you’re coughing up big money for a special night out and the restaurant has a dirty bathroom? Chances are you chose poorly.